Hornets Nest Complete Series
Doctor Who Hornets Nest Complete Series

Hornets’ Nest is the umbrella title of a five-story audio drama arc released in the closing months of 2009 in CD and digital download formats by BBC Audio.
The arc marks the return of Tom Baker to the role of the Fourth Doctor for the first time since Destiny of the Doctors in 1997. Baker was the only surviving classic series Doctor actor who had not previously participated in reprising the character for BBC Audio or Big Finish Productions. This also marks Baker’s first performance in an original audio drama as the Doctor since Doctor Who and the Pescatons (on LP) and Exploration Earth (on radio), both in 1976.

Richard Franklin also appears, reprising the role of Mike Yates, which he played during the Third Doctor era. This was his first opportunity to play opposite the Fourth Doctor.


Mike Yates is called to Nest Cottage in Sussex, where he finds the Fourth Doctor holding vigil in a house infested with Hornets. With the help of Mike (and the Doctor’s irascible housekeeper Mrs. Wibbsey), the Doctor goes in search of the Hornets’ origins.


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