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Revelation Of The Daleks

Serial Code


First Transmitted

23 March 1985

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Revelation Of The Daleks
Revelation Of The Daleks
Revelation Of The Daleks
Revelation of the Daleks
Revelation Of The Daleks
Revelation Of The Daleks
Revelation Of The Daleks
Revelation Of The Daleks
Revelation Of The Daleks
Revelation Of The Daleks
Revelation Of The Daleks
Revelation Of The Daleks
Revelation Of The Daleks
Revelation Of The Daleks
Revelation Of The Daleks


Regular Cast

Colin Baker (The Doctor), Nicola Bryant (Peri)

Guest Cast

Eleanor Bron (Kara), Clive Swift (Jobel), Alexei Sayle (DJ), Terry Molloy (Davros), Jenny Tomasin (Tasambeker), William Gaunt (Orcini), John Ogwen (Bostock), Stephen Flynn (Grigory), Bridget Lynch-Blosse (Natasha), Trevor Cooper (Takis), Colin Spaull (Lilt), Hugh Walters (Vogel), Alec Linstead (Head of Stengos) [1], Ken Barker (Mutant) [1]; Royce Mills, Roy Skelton (Dalek Voices); John Scott-Martin, Cy Town, Tony Starr, Toby Byrne (Dalek Operators); Penelope Lee (Computer Voice) [2].


Written by Eric Saward
Directed by Graeme Harper
Produced by John Nathan Turner


The TARDIS takes the Doctor and Peri to the planet Necros, where the Doctor plans to visit his old friend Professor Arthur Stengos. But after an encounter with the Great Healer, Stengos is not quite the man the Doctor once knew.

The Great Healer works in the catacombs beneath Tranquil Repose, the galactically-famous final resting place for the dead and the not-quite-yet-dead. In the upper chambers the busy workers prepare the deceased for their final burial, while deep below the Great Healer is using their bodies for a sinister project of his own. For the Great Healer is also known by another name – Davros, creator of the Daleks, who’s using the bodies to build himself a brand new Dalek army. The Doctor must quickly act to stop Davros, but the evil scientist has a plan that will eradicate all opposition and enable him to lead his Daleks on a new mission of universal conquest.


  1. For the first time, Davros and the Daleks are seen to hover some distance above ground. In the transmitted version, the camera angles chosen didn’t make it entirely clear that the Dalek was flying (some fans commenting that it looked more like the Dalek was giant-sized), so the sequence was remade for the DVD release of the story. All subsequent Dalek stories also feature levitation.
  2. It is never explained how Davros survived the Movellan virus which he contracted at the end of Resurrection of the Daleks. Although Davros says that he managed to escape the space station via an escape pod, no mention is made of his condition. The Big Finish Productions audio adventure Davros portrays another encounter between the Sixth Doctor and Davros set between Resurrection and Revelation.
  3. Davros creating a new race of Daleks using human tissue is similar to the Dalek Emperor creates a new race of Daleks from human contestants killed on the Game Station, in The Parting of the Ways.
  4. The Doctor indicates he is 900 years old; this is the first firm indicator of his age since the Fourth Doctor’s era, suggesting that approximately 150 years has passed for the Doctor since that time. In “Aliens of London”, the Ninth Doctor would also claim to be 900 years old, despite the Seventh Doctor in the interim claiming an age of 953 in Time and the Rani, followed by the entire lifetime of both the Seventh and Eighth Doctors.
  5. In one of the rare instances of the Doctor actually using a firearm, he disables a Dalek by shooting it with a machine pistol.
  6. The Doctor’s final word is edited out; he would have said “Blackpool”, as the planned story The Nightmare Fair was to be set there. This would have been the first story of the next series, and would have been written by former producer Graham Williams. However, the programme was then put on an 18-month hiatus.

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