Clara Clara
Bill played by Pearl Mackie


Played by Pearl Mackie
Tenure 15 April 2017 to present
First appearance
The Pilot
Last appearance
Number of series TBA


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Bill Potts was a companion of the Twelfth Doctor. Her mother died when she was young, so she was brought up by a foster mother called Moira.

Later in life, Bill served chips at St Luke’s University in Bristol, and attended the Doctor’s lectures. Noticing this, he became her personal tutor. Another student, Heather, showed her a puddle that cast a reversed reflection. Bill asked Heather not to leave without her. As a result, when Heather was taken over by the puddle, she followed Bill home, so as not to leave without her.

Bill went to the Doctor, who brought her into the TARDIS. He tried to outrun the creature, and finally travelled to the Dalek-Movellan War. Bill realised she was being pursued as Heather had promised not to leave without her. On the Doctor’s advice, she released Heather from her promise.

The Doctor took her back to the university, intending to wipe her memory of these events, but he was convinced not to. He then agreed to take Bill with him on his travels. (The Pilot)


Choosing to travel to the future with the desire to see if it was happy, Bill visited Gliese 581 D with the Doctor. After saving the awoken colonists from the Vardy and the Emojibots, the Doctor attempted to return to the University in the present, but ended up at the River Thames in the past. (Smile)

On exploring London 1s814, The Doctor and Bill attended the last Frost Fair on the River Thames before noticing strange lights under the ice. Bill witnessed firsthand the death of a little boy when he was sucked under the ice and was horrified and disgusted when the Doctor seemed to care more about retrieving his sonic screwdriver that the boy had stolen.

Bill challenged the Doctor demanding to know whether he had ever killed anyone to which he confirmed saying that he did not have the luxury of for outrage as he was 2000 years old. Bill befriended the urchins who had originally stolen from them and chose to cooperate with the Doctor. Their investigation led them to Lord Sutcliffe, with the Doctor warning Bill to let him do the talking as it required a diplomatic approach. After Sutcliffe made racist remarks towards Bill, however, the Doctor punched him in the face. Later Bill agreed with the Doctor to set the Monster in the Thames free surprised when it wasn’t headline news in the present day. (Thin Ice)

She later helped investigate and stop the Shining Men (The Shining Man), visited Kollo-Zarnista Mining Facility 27 above Saturn (Diamond Dogs) and, with both the Doctor and Nardole, saved Edinburgh in 1645. (Plague City).


She was also rather brave, leading her group of flat mates when they were scared. (Knock Knock)

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